Wil barforth


Wil's journey in the FIRE program began when he became a FIRE client himself in 2016...now he can’t wait to change lives as a certified FIRE coach! Wil is originally from Omro, Wisconsin. After training intensely, he went on to win the FIRE Bullhead Fitness Challenge in 2017.  After seeing results both physically and mentally, along with a huge increase in his performance, he is now ready to use his own success as motivation to inspire others with the FIRE program!




Eli is a Certified FIRE Coach and has over 15 years of physical fitness training, over four years of military training, leading and supervising.  He has lived in Appleton for over 20 years! He started his FIRE journey by working out at Fox City FIRE, and had extreme success with the FIRE program and love it.  He is always ready to inspire and motivate anyone!

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Amanda Crout


Amanda is originally from California and relocated to Wisconsin in 2014. She has been in FIRE since May 2016, starting as a client and becoming  an owner in June 2017 and opening her first location in December 2017. She is a certified FIRE coach who brings personal transformation with her. She believed in the program so much she is applying her personal experience and knowledge to helping as many people as possible! 


Isaac Santana


Isaac began his fitness journey as a client here at FIRE! He has grown to love the program and has taken steps to become a FIRE certified coach, where he can help people change their lives for the better.  Isaac began as a coach and then became an owner of a FIRE location in 2020! He also enjoys family time with his wife and 2 kids.